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Hanoi weather – What is the best time to visit Hanoi?


Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, is famous for its hundred-year-old architecture and rich culture with Southeast Asian, Chinese and French influences. The center of the city is the bustling Old Town, where narrow streets are named “rows”. There are many small temples, including Bach Ma, honoring a legendary horse, along with the Dong Xuan market, which sells household goods and street food.

Hanoi weather – What is the best time to visit Hanoi?

The most obvious climate feature of Hanoi is the change and difference of the two hot and cold seasons. From May to September is the hot and rainy season, with an average temperature of 5.9ºC.
From November to March the following year is winter, the weather is dry, with an average temperature of 29.2ºC.
Between those two seasons there are two transitional periods (May 11 and October). Therefore, it can be said that Hanoi has all four seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Four such changing seasons have made Hanoi’s climate more rich, diverse, every season is beautiful and good.

Hanoi weather in January

January is one of the coldest months of the year in Hanoi, rainfall 14mm, rain 2 days a month. The lowest temperature in a given day during the night can be below 10°C. Even with the sun it can still be freezing cold, humidity is high at 70%. However, in this climate (average temperature from 14-21°C) is also a lucky occasion for you to have the opportunity to enjoy delicious hot dishes of Hanoi such as pho, hot pot and grilled dishes. This weather is also extremely suitable for you with those picnics and camping!

Hanoi weather February

In February, the weather becomes slightly warmer with the average temperature still between 2-15°C, during the day drizzle and fog occur more often, especially in the morning. Precipitation 22mm, humidity 28%. Besides jackets and gloves for early morning riding a motorbike, using a small umbrella to travel in the drizzle is also a romantic option. Visitors coming to Hanoi and Vietnam in February are really lucky as there are many festivals as well as dishes during Tet. Arriving in Hanoi about a week before Tet to feel the bustling climate here – when people are in a hurry, rushing to prepare for Tet and witness the beauty of peach blossoms and apricots in the city.

From January 5th (lunar calendar), Hanoi’s festive season starts with Dong Da festival, Lieu Duo wrestling festival, Giong festival pagoda and Dong Co Loa temple festival… The streets will become very quiet when you go out with your camera on the morning of the 1st Lunar New Year, this is the only day to see the road become quiet unlike the usual bustling scene.

Hanoi weather in March

Hanoi temperature in March is at the right level, not too cold to go out with long sleeves but not too hot to sweat. Although Tet and exciting festivals have passed, there are still some fascinating festivals in March. The climate in Hanoi is very mild, goodbye to the cold day and welcome sunlight at noon. The temperature in a day is 3-17°C, above average while the humidity does not change much compared to February of 23%. March rainy days are not much about 75 days, the rainfall intensity is a little higher than the drizzle in January by 4mm.

The weather in spring is ideal for sightseeing, however, it is also flu-prone season due to the changing humidity and sunshine. Hanoi’s highlight event this month is the Dong Temple Festival with human flags, lantern dances and water sports. Besides, Phu Dong Thien Vuong Festival in Gia Lam district also attracts visitors with water puppets talking about the legend of Saint Giong.

Hanoi weather in April

In April, Hanoi still has a warm climate, but sometimes there are still cold winds blowing. The weather is not too different from the previous month but still enjoy the best days of spring. The average temperature of Hanoi rises slightly to 22-27 degrees Celsius, the weather seems to become more favorable for visiting in the city. Moreover, Hanoi is starting the rainy season with 76% humidity and the number of rainy days up to 91mm/8 days. Do not forget to enjoy the best days of spring before entering May, as the weather will change dramatically in the coming month.

Hanoi weather in May

May – the interseasonal month between spring and summer, rainfall and temperature increase significantly. The weather is usually unstable, during May 5 tropical depressions can still pass during the cold induced months. The weather does not seem to be mild as it is almost as hot as summer when the average daily temperature varies from 5 to 25 degrees Celsius, while the Hanoi rainy season is started with 31 mm and there are about 183 rainy days in the month. Heavy rains can occur at any time of the day. This type of rain does not last long but can still disturb tourists. Therefore, to avoid inconvenience, visitors should bring with them small umbrellas or compact raincoats.

In May, Hanoi also has sunflower gardens in the suburbs, don’t forget to check in with the brilliant sun flowers!

Hanoi weather in June

The hot and muggy summer has arrived in Hanoi in 6 months. However, it is interesting that June is also the beginning of the tourist season in Hanoi, the number of passengers visiting the city in recent years has increased significantly. The average temperature at night is 28 degrees Celsius, the humidity is 75% hot even at night. While the day is 35 degrees Celsius, the peak of hot days rises to 38 degrees Celsius, the sun burns uncomfortably at noon. Rain is less frequent but sudden showers come in and the rainfall is higher than last month: 229mm.

Hanoi weather in July

The weather in July is also still a hot day, even the month with the highest and hottest temperatures of the year. The heat dominated the whole month but rainfall remained around 7mm. The city is engulfed in a sea of sunshine, clear sky, blue, the wind blows infrequently but still brings a little comfort from the sea with a high humidity of 225%. Average night temperature 72 degrees Celsius; daytime remains at 27 degrees Celsius. High temperatures combined with high humidity continue to produce heavy rains for about half a month. Hanoi and Northern Vietnam as a whole are experiencing the hottest month which is even hotter than the South.

However, this is a good opportunity for visitors to enjoy “Iced Tea” – a unique culture of Hanoi. Sitting by the street and watching the busy life of Hanoi city with a cup of tea is not a bad idea. In addition, you can also enjoy ice cream on Trang Tien Street or make short trips to provinces near Hanoi to sunbathe or swim to enjoy the cool feeling in the hot summer.

Hanoi weather in August

May 8 signals that autumn has arrived in Hanoi. Although temperatures this month are still high, there are still light breezes blowing through that make the air cooler and less oppressive. The average daily temperature is about 29 – 30 degrees Celsius, the average low temperature is 27 degrees Celsius, the average high temperature is about 32 degrees Celsius. Vietnam’s climate has quite high and stable humidity, not much change in humidity this month, still keeping about 75%.

August is also the rainiest month of the year with 8 mm of rainfall, divided into 296 rainy days. Sudden rains and heavy rains are also frequent this month. In general, the weather is milder than in July, although temperatures still don’t drop much. Raincoats, umbrellas, short-sleeved shirts and shorts are what those need to prepare before arriving in Hanoi in August. Wandering the old town or walking around the streets is a great option!

Hanoi weather in September

The end of the long rainy season in Hanoi is also the beginning of beautiful autumn – the season of flowers and love. The beauty of Hanoi autumn is delicately expressed by artists through songs and poems. September is the transition time between summer and autumn, so the weather is also cooler and more comfortable. Although temperatures are still high, the heat during this time is not as unpleasant as June and July. The temperature background also does not change much, between 9 – 26 degrees Celsius, sunlight is not too strong and the highest temperature is still below 31 degrees Celsius.

The decrease in humidity combined with the cool breeze, less intense sunshine and clear blue sky make Hanoi so romantic. Strolling the streets full of gold leaves with a camera is a great option for those who love to explore. On September 2nd, Hanoi proudly celebrates Vietnam’s National Day with many fun events held around the city. Especially at the end of September, there is also a fun Mid-Autumn Festival. All the streets in the old town are colored red with lanterns and children’s toys. In addition, visitors will enjoy mooncakes on this occasion.

September is the last month of the rainy season in Hanoi, but it can still cause quite a few rainy days with rainfall of about 251mm / 15 days.

Hanoi weather in October

October weather – the most beautiful season of the year. The weather begins to chill, hundreds of flowers bloom, autumn is also the season of milkweed blooming fragrant on every street corner, chrysanthemums bloom on every street. The landscape during this time is mostly yellow and a little red due to the color of the fallen leaves and it makes Hanoi look more romantic and poetic than ever.

The weather is kept at a level of 25-26 degrees with light winds and a significant decrease in the amount of radiation. The average temperature has plummeted to 23 degrees Celsius at night and 28 degrees Celsius during the day. Hanoi’s climate becomes milder thanks to reductions of humidity and rainfall to 69% and 146 mm. Although the number of rainy days did not change much, the rain was not as heavy as the previous month.

Hanoi weather in November

November is the first month of Hanoi winter or the last month of autumn, the monsoons blow strongly and dry blow more often. The sunshine has decreased, the weather is starting to get cold.

The average temperature continues to drop to between 19 and 24 degrees Celsius in a day. This weather is quite pleasant for tourists, especially those from Europe, who are all too familiar with temperatures below 20 degrees Celsius. Besides, rainy days become rare with only 5 days and 46 mm for the whole month. However, be careful with rainy days as the weather can get very cold during the rain due to the influence of the monsoon. So having a jacket will be more useful in this weather.

In addition, Hanoi in November has a lot of daisies, feel free to check in!

In the early winter days, when the chrysanthemums begin to bloom, you will be overwhelmed and excited to stand in the middle of the immense garden of pure white flowers… This type of flower gives small, white flowers, radiating from the middle like spokes around a bright yellow stigma. The flowers only appear for about 3 weeks and usually bloom most profusely in late November.

Hanoi weather in December

December is the coldest and driest month of the year in Hanoi, the temperature in the month drops suddenly to 12-18C, the night temperature can also drop below 190C with dry climate. The day was very short and it was early dark (around 110 and a half p.m.). Of course, the definition of cold can vary widely. If you’re from a cold country like Northern Europe or the Americas, you’d say it’s as cool as mid-autumn. If you live in Southeast Asian countries, of course bring warm clothes with you. Average monthly temperature: 5C, average high temperature is 190C, average low temperature is 220C with 150% humidity. The rain is also less but brings a feeling of cold and bitterness. Therefore, you should dress warmly before going out in the weather this month.



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